Currently, I-35 acts as a barrier between groups which are otherwise proximal. Additionally, it is considered by many to be a scar on the fragile urban fabric of Austin.     This was a great exercise in ROW (right-of-way) optimization. Even though TxDOT wants to add 50% more main-lane traffic capacity, the highway through Central Austin is unable to be expanded due to protected land adjacent to the existing ROW.
 Current Condition
 Reconnecting the street grid and removing one-way streets.
  Our proposal lowers the main travel lanes of the highway, adds lanes underneath the existing frontage roads, and caps the buried highway with public parks on certain segments. We've determined that much of the added costs of burying the highway (rather than adding decks above or expanding outward) could be accounted for with the expected increase in tax revenue from adjacent properties. As seen in other cities with similar projects, the nearby land would increase in value. Additionally, the nature of our proposal would cede land back to the private sector and municipal government.
 Reactivated & Reconnected Community
 R.O.W. Exploration
 Added Capacity
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